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What is Buscándolos?

The purpose is to help people find a missing relative, either for abandonment of domicile, kidnapping, human trafficking, or because the person was confused and could not return home.

It is the first system that helps both to find people and to spread information about them, without complex telecommunications, special networks or any other sophisticated tool, thus allowing to place it at any point of the country.

Why Buscándolos?

Finding the missing or kidnapped person depends, mainly, on the information provided by the community to law enforcement agencies so they can follow the evidence and solve the case as soon as possible. Hence, it is fundamental to show the photograph and inform the last known whereabouts of the person at the moment of his/her dissapearence, which is not the case nowadays, even with the technology available.

The National Government and NGOs are also familiar with this harsh reality, that being the reason why certain laws were passed and different organizations that promote the search of missing people all over the country were born. This is the case of law Nº 26364 that aims at the prevention and punishment of human trafficking and provides assistance to the victims of such crimes.

Nevertheless, the search does not turn out to be successful as it takes time to spread the information throughout the country. In many cases, people are not acquainted with the face of the missing person as photographs are not circulated or published in the media as soon as the person dissappears.

Thanks to this simple and friendly software, it is possible to upload the photo of the person almost instantaneously and display it at every border of the country and crowded places. And there is more! It has a smart system that allows to prioritize and decide by order of importance the information to be shown in the different screens, according to the area, because it measures the time passed and the place to which the missing person might have moved or been taken to.


All parties interact simultaneously:

1- The complaint is filed through the website or by phone.

2- Specialized personnel verify the information at the moment .

3- The photo of the missing person appears throughout the country.


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How is it installed?

The installation is quite simple. A small controller is plugged into ordinary monitors or TVs at any place where the information shall be divulged. These controllers are connected through 3G, WiFi or network cable, and use a regular internet connection without any special configuration to the main server, which will distribute the information appropriately.

Once the controllers are installed, you simply access the website and fill in a form. Yes, it is as easy as writing an email! From that moment on, the system will automatically publish the information about the person at every monitor you wish.

Remote controllers are also configured from the website in a very simple way.

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Who can publish the information?

A central government agency will enable users from different entities so that they may upload the information pertaining to the missing person. In this sense, for example, every police station, NGO or Customs may be assigned a user. It will also be possible for any person to file a complaint or provide information through the website, and one or more auditors will check the information and decide whether to publish it or not.

The appointed person for this role shall verify that the monitor or TV at the viewing point is on. Nonetheless, there is a version available that includes a camera pointing the monitor so as to alert if the sign is off.

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As a result of a thorough research, our team designed a factsheet of high visual impact so that the face of the missing person is etched on the memory of the passer-by, in order to recognize the person. The system also includes an iconographic identikit of simple association that helps retain the most characteristic features of a person and a QR code to download the facthseet to a mobile phone.

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Where to place them?

At border crossings, bus stops, shoppings, short and long-distance buses, police stations, gas stations, schools, etc.

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Additional advantages

Buscándolos also includes a sort of logbook or timeline style follow-up record of the missing person that will provide statistics and information to help the government improve the efficiency of the searches.

There is also a public website with the list of missing persons for those who are interested in searching the database or who have seen a photo in a monitor and wish to check the face and identify the person.

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Additional uses

Buscándolos could also be used in the search of criminals or to warn society about them.

It could also be used to display advertisments, although that is not its main purpose.