What is CityFi?

CityFi is a wireless technology that provides a new level of flexibility, economy and investment protection to local governments, gated communities, buildings and service providers.

CityFi networking technology provides users with real-time wireless access to high bandwidth apps, virtually, at any time, and at any place.

Why CityFi?

CityFi allows to cover large areas in order to provide connectivity without running wires. In this sense, the process of implementation and network maintenance is less expensive and easier, preserving the aesthetic environment.

This technology offers a multipurpose network platform to run different applications such as: Internet, P2P connection, telephony, video, video surveillance app (CCTV), vehicle tracking, wide area access system, among others.

This technology allows employees, clients or citizens to get access to information on a regular basis, as it offers wireless access to a campus, municipality or residential neighborhood.


Technicians install the equipments in a very simple way:

1- The area to cover and the network distribution is planned.

2- The equipment is installed in the designated areas.

3- Enjoy the benefits of CityFi.



WiFi connectivity

CityFi allows to connect computers, tablets, phones and any other device to the network and provide services such as public internet.

We also offer access control software as an added value, which allows to implement certain polices to prevent users from misusing the service to access immoral or undesirable websites.



The IP based intelligent surveillance technology provides a standard of excellence and allows to detect certain situations in real time, to identify problems almost instantly, and provide a prompt response and better solutions to security related problems.


Voice over IP

The new use of IP technology, combined with CityFi attributes, prompt telephone communications at a low cost in the whole area of coverage. Users will also be able to move within the area using the same telephone and without changing the number or cutting off communication.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Nowadays, there is a wide range of apps for mobile devices which, even with 4G technologies, do not achieve the required efficiency to operate. Said apps, combined with CityFi, will provide the devices with optimal functionalities for applications such as Internet, surveillance cameras, GPS, IP communications, among others.

Access control

Access control

One of the advantages of this system is the integration of control services, such as vehicle access at entrances and exits. By means of a simple software, it is possible to monitor vehicles, take pictures of the number plates and store them at a database in order to check type, model and color of the vehicle. In this sense, it is also possible to monitor specific spots and send alarms when certain events took place.

Sensors network

Sensor networks

Imagine the possibility of monitoring in real time the status of all public services and gathering instantly usage statistics, as well as invoicing data for consumption.

Smart traffic

Intelligent transportation system

It allows to monitor public transportation and inform users the delay of arrivals in real time, and to decide right away whether to send new vehicles to meet the demands when necessary.

It may also be used to audit the quality of the service provided and measure the amount of passengers per vehicle, as well to evaluate the drivers performance in terms of speed, acceleration or inertia, among otherss performance in terms of speed, acceleration or inertia, among others.

Smart buildings

Intelligent buildings

The network may be extended within the building structure to get signal at basements or elevators.

Imagine the possibility of digital fingerprint access, not only for front doors and apartments, but also for restricting the floors in which the elevator stops (for example, firefighters or the police may have unfettered access to any floor of any building, while the owners may only access their own).