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What is EasySign?

EasySign is a modern content management and centralized administration system that breaks with current advertising and marketing management paradigms.

Turn your current screens into a dynamic billboard, whether for your own advertisements or to sell the space to third parties.

Why EasySign?

Most content management systems require the use of special networks or updating one device at a time; therefore, installing more screens becomes increasingly expensive, not only in monetary terms, but also in management terms.


Plug in the controller to the screen and you will automatically:

* Administer your content according to zone, hours, public, etc.

* Allow others to manage content without delegating control.

* Get paid, generate statistics and manage your screens with the most sophisticated system at the lowest cost of the market.


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Just connect the small controllers to the HDMI input of any TV available (even if it is connected to other management system) and it will automatically become an advertising screen maneagable in real time from a website. You will be able to designate users, whether regional managers or clients to which you sell the advertising space, to allow them to create campaigns and project them onto their screens. You will always be the last person to decide whether to launch a campaign in your screens and, in this way, you can filter any undesired content.

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The controllers allow to show videos, with or without sound, slides, static images, websites, dynamic content (which may be downloaded from the clients server in real time, for example, foreign currency rates), RSS feed, marquees, video and audio streaming, queues and turns, among otherss server in real time, for example, foreign currency rates), RSS feed, marquees, video and audio streaming, queues and turns, among others.

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Get to know how many times a campaign was projected, at what time, and how many people has seen it approximately. Make reports for your managers and charge your clients automatically for the advertising space.

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The controllers allow connections to different peripheral devices through WiFi, network, USB, bluetooth or pulse signaling, that enable interactive or clever advertisment.

In this way, it is possible to welcome customers when the door opens at a shop, or connect it to your billing system and change in real time the current campaign and trigger the sale of the carryover stock.

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EasySign is configured centrally from a website. The client decides who manages each group of screens and allows others to upload content, with or without previous authorization. In this way, it is possible to guarantee a strict control of the content and, at the same time, decentralize the sale of advertising spaces. In case of multiple stores, it is possible to configure the controller in such a way that each store can add its own information simoultaneously, so that the system shows it in a clever way in accordance with the parameters configured.

EasySign admits the segmentation and configuration of information by time zone, groups and external factors, such as sensors.