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What is FullCare.Hosting?

When hiring a hosting service, you usually get a repository of files. FullCare offers you a staff exclusively devoted to your website.

Why FullCare.Hosting?

We constantly monitor your service and are always up to date with the latest security patches.

What differentiates us?

A hosting service with unique characteristics:

* You do not have to worry about a thing. We install and set up everything for you.

* Encrypted backups and secure data. Not even programmers have access to your information.

* Specially designed for RubyOnRails apps.


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Permanent assistance

The configuration of servers does not consist on an initial setup but rather on a constant maintenance, specially in what respects to security updates.

Our staff monitors our servers 24/7/365 and updates them with every new security patch to ensure maximum protection.

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Stability guaranteed

Our servers are physically located at one of the most modern datacenters of the market, property of Iplan. We offer a 99.97% uptime guarantee.

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Strict service and quality standards

The projects in our servers undergo a software strict quality control to ensure they are not easily hacked.

Programmers do not have access to databases or any file repository, they can only send versions through GIT that are updated within the server.

We perform daily incremental backups and weekly full backups. The latter remain at the clients disposal to download; however, they are encrypted and the password (which changes for every backup) is emailed to an address of your choice, so that no one will access your information without your authorization.

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Economic and feasible

If you want a service of such characteristics, you should buy the servers, locate them at a datacenter and, most expensive, hire a qualified employee to maintain the server.

FullCare.Hosting offers you all for half the salary of an employee.